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I’m Laurence Warner and I write for a living.
I write songs - which I mostly perform as Cerulean - and if I need to communicate to a … less human audience 👾 to get things online … I’ll write code signing off as W4RNER.
I like to comment on both - The Arts, and Tech - industries and share what I learn as an indie creator.. plus a bit of daily life for direct subscribers. So I write this personal blog too.

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Mastodon - @CeruleanSounds @w4rner
Twitter - @CeruleanSounds @vv4rner

I login to socials to respond to comments there every week - except of course FirstWeek FlipPh.one.

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If you’re human, you can:
“warner me”
by taking this site’s domain name and replace the a. with @

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Like all my personal sites, I only collect cookie-free ‘ABCD-compliant’ analytics here, which I make publicly available.

I encourage you to do the same, so we can carve out a corner of the web as it was intended to be (flashback): for mutually respecting humans to share ideas & information.
Don’t have your own site yet? Creating a blog like this (‘hosted microblog’ via Micro.blog) would be an ideal first website. Getting started is as easy as… tweeting (which is something micro.blog can actually do for you 🐦). You can tackle big boy tings like custom domain & web design later if you want. If you need more convincing it’s worthwhile: check my keynote at the inaugural “Micro.Camp”.

If you’d like to give it a go, I recommend this video guide, and @-ing me once you get in for more personal advice on getting going.
If you’re already a seasoned blogger, you can start by importing your posts, like I did for my Medium & WordPress blogs (all posts before my Micro.blog “Hello, World” in June 2020) as you can see in the archive on the ‘Sub-topics’ page.

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