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I’m a 20-something Brit named Laurence Warner, and I write a fair bit.

I write the songs (& occasional script) for my Cerulean Sounds productions, with a focus on conceptual lyrics & wordplay.
I also write a little code for the modern websites I design from time-to-time.

I like to comment on both - The Arts, and Tech - industries from my perspective as an indie creator and share useful things I learn.
So I write this personal blog about those two areas, plus the occasional bit of daily Life to direct subscribers who:

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I login to SOCIALs to respond to comments there every week - except of course FirstWeek FlipPhone.

It’s all free for you to enjoy, unless of course you wanna:

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‘warner me’

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I believe the internet should be ‘OURSS’. Creating a blog like this (via the wonderful indie tech Micro.blog) is an ideal way of owning your content on the open web.
Only know social media? Well getting started is as easy as Tweeting (something M.b can do for you btw). Pick a username and say “Hello, World”. You can tackle big boy tings like custom domain & web design later if you want. If you need more convincing it’s worthwhile:
🎧 30m podcast about why non-technical creatives should join the community
📺 my 20m keynote at the inaugural “Micro Camp” about the creative possibilities once you do
If you do signup to Micro.blog, I recommend following this video guide, and @warner me once you’re in for more personal advice on getting going.

If you’re already a seasoned blogger, you can start by importing your posts, like I did for my Medium & WordPress blogs (all posts before my M.b “Hello, World” in June 2020) in the ‘Sub-topics’ archive.
Like all my personal websites, I only collect cookie-free (ABCD-compliant) analytics here which I make publicly available (pre-2022 summary, incl. when blog was at blog.w4rner.com pre-Jun ‘21). I encourage you to do the same, so we can carve out a corner of the web as it was intended to be (flashback): for mutually-respecting humans to share ideas & information.

(Apr ‘23: none of my content is AI-generated/assisted unless stated)

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