Aug in SOCIAL (#SavvyIndie #tech)

main news: 3. I released my first VEVO music video about 7

Laurence Warner
here to warn ya
(as I sign off for FirstWeek on my BURNER)
bout what the 7 deadly SOCIAL have done this month affecting artists:

  1. LinkedIn: -

  2. TikTok: Shub(h)a I performed alongside at UChicago has walked the line transferring TikTok follows of crude “TikTokBrownGirl” to millions of subs of high-quality YT music videos πŸ‘

  3. YouTube: poll: someone wants more music videos - I delivered with my VEVO debut

  4. Snap: -

  5. IG: British thesps so proud of their grams, yet so unwilling to discuss irl??

  6. Twitter X TwiX: what I’m calling ‘em now.. gonna break em off in New Years

  7. fb: to clarify about fb suspension: it’s my only account (not a dupe which it would be valid to block) & would require ID docs to try regain (which is exactly the sorta privacy invasion I’m against)

I prefer websites with WHOIS privacy:

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