July in SOCIAL (#SavvyIndie #tech)

main news: 7. facebook’s content-mod is very likely silencing facebook criticism. My profile suspended on release-night of factual non-explicit diss-track

Laurence Warner
here to warn ya
(as I sign off for FirstWeek on my BURNER)
bout what ‘the magniloquent 7’ have been up to in the last month:

  1. LinkedIn: news item - computing courses are ‘taking off’ all the way to 7th behind sports science. Young adults actually need more GREED cos first websites like my students' bagging uni spots + jobs

  2. TikTok: majority of states banning GLUTTONY in parliament, while in the UK same parliament’s only ban across the land is nonprofits who multiply prime-numbers together (Signal). Oh and HMG has now designated AI a security-threat 6 months after stoking the arms race with the Manchester Prize. Tech policy is scatterbrained.

  3. YouTube: less creator SLOTH allowed - thumbnails now more competitive with test & compare, re-enabling Sort by Oldest so need to cultivate oldies too. cba with rat-race: polloll this week to tell me what videos Subscribers actually want from me

  4. Snap: entering the AI arms race with LUST

  5. IG: so little PRIDE in their Twitter clone??

  6. Twitter X: defo closing final account New Year now, it’s not even a legacy brand, just an ANGER letter! Bluesky looking likeliest sucessor with custom feeds & tagmoji (5 invites available 📧)

  7. fb: suspended me on the release-night of “facelook”!! I posted all about it on my dotcom. I don’t ENVY any creators still having to post there.

they are literally doing the sorta censorship shown in the artwork:

remember, it could be ours..

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