Proton customers owed partial refund for July (#tech #compensation #facelook)

I think we should sue AI ๐ŸŽถ
And I think we should get Swiss Francs from Proton and donate them back..

July downtime exceeded ambitious SLA

Downtime = 1h4mins / 730h30mins (in a month) = 0.14% > 0.05%

== I think we should get Swiss Francs. I’ll be getting in touch with them (not via Zendesk) to find out how much
And as I #warned, I think they should stay focussed on their privacy goals, not copy Big Tech overambition

Let’s bleed dry AI, not encryption, companies

Unlike the dollars I got from the bookie breaching my privacy (which I invested into producing a banging diss track about it out today!), I’ll be donating this windfall to a British privacy cause like ORG cos:

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