Why I rewrote verse for "6 Foot" 🇺🇦 Remïks (🎶 #arts)

A Pandit & Warner Picture Cold War I’ll depict ya in a quarter of an hour Collab’s our only power I played with Shrey, Rachanee, left Egos at the door The next day that insane little Ruski declared war Gon' for a Mo, back in L.A. to open Closure Cafe On the anniversary of that invasion of Ukraine

To tell the story of how Abhi & I shot our indie-film Closure Cafe about letting go of Cold War conflicts, in mid Feb 2022. If you’ve seen the ending you know we were trying to ask 2023: #WhatsYourPoison.

Unfortunately within just days of filming that insane lil.. kremlin had already answered, with bullets and tanks, for a “denazification operation” that harked right back to the Cold War’s 1945 origins.

That’s why I got Daniil from ЙЕП first-hand account on record 🎶.
Hopefully by 2024 regimes playing politics will notice the humans suffering and try to find some closure.

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