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  1. my friend was put off LinkedIn plus cos he claimed they only offered yearly for like hundreds??
  2. TikTok getting banned & banned & banned. Met an influencer who says she’s offramping over next year or so
  3. did my friend really invent the term ‘vodcast’ for YouTube video podcast or is it already in use?
  4. I dread to think what AI filters are doing to Snap kids self-esteem
  5. nothing to say about “Ns to Graham”, as the Americans call it
  6. should’ve known better than RSS subbing to Bsky instead of giving email data. Let’s laugh at jack recreating early Twitter exclusivity vibe instead embracing fediverse / open-web. I am bullish about custom domains as usernames tho so am open to explore now M.b cross-posting there
  7. I’m getting an extra $30 supplementary check from unclaimed wins against the bookie. Demoed a track about this win against AI, available to LW patrons.
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