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I won $400 from Meta this month! Don’t let AI impoverish you without a fightback ppl.


  1. so will Microsoft’s own (Open) AI-powered products (Office, LinkedIn) also be banned in Italy?

  2. UK Parliament set a good example banning TikTok. There’s about a hundred other things they should ban first (eg gluttonously texting at work) before tryna ban us multiplying prime numbers (encryption)

  3. Shorts is bringing more trolls my way on Positive comments welcomed and responded to :D

  4. cba to update, Carrd sluggish. Now M.b allows 600char quotes, I might try create a Photos page category to replicate IG here. Watch this space.

  5. irks me that Proton announce a “New official badge against phishing attacks”, and then at the end of the email link “To keep up with the latest.. follow Proton Mail on Twitter” a platform that’s now fully sold out their trust system!

  6. and finally, the main news: I won $400 from an FB class-action lawsuit!

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