Nov in SOCIAL (#tech)

New phone-number leaks (from scraped-data):
1 LinkedIn (Greed) πŸ‘Ž: 2m salespeople bout to get a lot more ‘inbounds’. Makes you wonder if it’s worth all the actors & singers tryna give everything away on this platform to get hired.
plus Meta (5&7) get hit again. half a billi WhatsAppers (incl 1in6 Brits) bout to get invited to a load more GCs! In case you’re wondering why I invite fans to a Signal group instead..

2 TikTok (Gluttony) πŸ‘Ž: I might just bring myself to syndicate a post monthly to TT if they didn’t block visiting their website on a VPN:

3 YT (Sloth) πŸ‘: I cleared 75k channel views (meaning “Swan Centre” is now less than half my views XD didn’t stop me encoring with it at the MadHatters party which I teased)

5 IG (Pride) πŸ‘: Tho I’m aware it’s TikTok clone by stealth, as an artist I like being able to add my music to any IG post, like I recently did with Another Year to tease this New Years all about another name..
Hope we can add songs from web soon.

6 Twitter (Anger) πŸ‘Ž: Elon thinks he can change the world by releasing a few emails showing genuine debate over 3 difficult days where they eventually made right choice. Barely merits audacious PR name #TwitterFiles. Ur not actually brave freedom-preserving hero Ed Snowden geezer.

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See you in 7

[edited immediately to add number 2 and ensure numbers format correctly]

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“Last month in SOCIAL”

New monthly series of short blog articles, which I will be using as my signoff post disconnecting my blogposts from syndicating to SOCIAL for each FirstWeek.
I will cover the major updates from the 7 Big Socials, with a particular focus on how changes affect indie creators in the arts, including my own personal experience.

I will return to SOCIAL on the 2nd Monday of the month, as usual with the standard format of a vlog on YT (& Vimeo).

The 7 SOCIALS I cover are the 7 Deadly Sins in recent diss-track “SOCIAL”. It has organic viral potential to spread an urgent & useful message. Please listen to and share “SOCIAL” at Ceru.Li/sten-social

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