🎡 Music Quiz: "Viral YT songs" (#arts)

One for each year from the first decade of YouTube (plus a lil 2020 bonus..).
You only have to know one fact that would find it on a YT search: either artist OR song-title!

Compiled with respect for every artist named & credited in the answers, which you can find here, along with an Easy Mode (more revealing) compilation.
As far as my efforts go, I’m happy for other Quiz Masters to download and reuse this, along with the rest of the quiz questions.

The event was the Las Palmas DigitalNomad weekly quiz at Sunset Bar, which I’d won the week before. Off the back of my recent BBC appearance, I was asked to host it as my first quiz, and I was especially proud of this niche but surprisingly knowable music-round.
Hope to share a video of the exciting tiebreak finale soon.
I’ll also be sharing a video of my performance at this community’s MadHatters Rave tomorrow night!
(immediately fixed www on Nomad-Island.com link!)

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