'Do I have a vocal tuner app I'd recommend?' (#arts)

glib answer: more lessons
slightly less glib answer: balance tuned-singing with rapping in any early performances to ease your confidence into singing
useful answer: some mix-engineers I’ve worked with use the following DAW (Logic) plugins:
Melodyne (for subtle manual tweaking of pitch)
Waves Real-Time (for more automatic ‘auto-tune’ style, potentially live)
In the face of overwhelming industry standard, as I discussed [on @jasraj interview](https://youtu.be/dC8GjWbLKG4?t=1055), I ocassionally commission light manual use of the former on sung record mixes. But wouldn’t use when learning/demoing (even popstar Charli XCX spoke on Dua Lipa’s podcast recently about embracing pitchiness in demos), or try to automate (as ‘app’ suggests) unless you wanna go ten toes in on Georgia trap.

(thx Miguel Manalo for asking about this under-discussed aspect of getting started making music)

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