Some cracking first-websites produced by my CS summer-school students (πŸŽ“ #tech)

Oxford Summer Courses left their 16-17 Computer Science syllabus pretty open, so I focussed it on web-design because you don’t need specific Apple hardware, all their friends can use the product, and they learn coding basics in multiple languages.

I guided them through 2 projects over the 2-week course:

1 Customizing Retro Website

Just like a previous 1:1 student who’s now gone on to study CS at QMU, using my OG website homage page as a code template, they added CSS to customize it as much as possible!… customized to a Dark Mode with CSS: went for a some colourful gradients, and also styled buttons, as well as playing with HTML media embeds:

Cool to see so many people standing on the shoulders of the Original Giants of the internet like Tamara Munzner

2 Interactive website project

I guided them through a 2-step process, of low-fidelity prototype followed by working website. Students who hadn’t picked up coding as quickly, or really wanted responsive sites were encouraged to use Webflow as an alternative. is an exceptional effort from a student who came to class with basic website experience, so I pushed him to add JavaScript interactivity, which you can see in this .gif:

Namely, a Flickity image carousel, and a Form to direct users to relevant links.

Bonus points for incorporating the retro vibe from the first exercise too!


Academic-year Computer Science syllabus need to be radically overhauled. In 2-years of say A-Level, students would not create anything of the level shown here in 2-weeks, mainly because there is so much distracting focus on learning a wide-range of terminology and history of computing, rather than the basics of implementing a user-experience.
Apart from the last example, these 2 students and their 4 other peers had never published a website before, and all of them were able to publish something in the end. As they get better, I suspect they might update these websites or unpublish to make room for better sites, but I wanted to acknowledge the brilliant tech teenagers can create when given the right guidance.
If you know teenagers who could benefit from working with me, either in a summer-school setting like this, or a larger workshop or even a more focussed 1:1 online, please visit

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