Microcast: ALL FM interview about my new album (🎵 #arts)

Abridged cut from full 1h20 podcast, the most definitive interview on The Divided Selfie LP to date.

00:00 - Introducing my #DividedSelfie
01:05 - Being a #SmalltownDreamer
02:17 - 5OUND
04:22 - RD Laing quoting concept-album
07:55 - 2OUCH: “6 Foot
10:12 - T4STE: “Tip of my Tongue
11:05 - What’s Next?

Sorry I couldn’t get it under 10m - didn’t wanna cut the music! - but it’s on M.b so I’m still calling it a Microcast!
I’ve added helpful visual aides to this on YT (and I reformatted the timestamps with links straight after publish).

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