My top 5 blogposts of 2021 (#tech)

I added (privacy-friendly) Plausible Analytics in October 2020, 4 months after joining in June, so I’ve been able to track page traffic for 2021 (plus a couple months before)

Top 5 Posts

(overall page rank)

  1. (2.) FirstWeek vlog | Dec these vlogs got surprisingly high engagement on YT! I’m bringing the routine to my main next year with the Punkt MP02 phone!

  2. (4.) Micro.Camp Day 2 Live | Watch my Talk! really happy this got some proper watches, as well as dozens on YT

  3. (5.) Jasraj & I podcast likewise for this, thanks to @jasraj promotion. Now I’m Premium, I’ll definitely offer to do a microcast each time I meet an M.b-er in person!

  4. (8.) FirstWeek Vlog | Nov so happy to have found a form of content where I can bundle about 3 different strands: tech review, arts review & intermittent life update into a package people want to watch!

  5. (9.) investigative journalism (#tech) I’m glad an deep industry-specific piece made the cut (the other 4 are more general holistic content). Really this tech exposé had the potential to be number 1. I went full Bellingcat and researched the scurrilous background of Facebook’s recent headline-grabbing rebrand (+ wrote a comic imagined retelling of how it happened). I’m still waiting to hear this story from any other source.

Top 5 Pages

  1. (1.) home I should probably start customizing theme to condense the content!

  2. (3.) about the first link in top nav! Now I’ve got SA hash-mode, look out for more visits to the Follow Me anchor from the footer’s new Subscribe link

  3. (6.) Tech Articles ‘& Tech’ top navigation, more popular & engaging than its predecessor ‘The Arts’, which probably shows where M.b-er interests lean

  4. (7.) Light Phone Vlogs strangely only 1 inbound from the YouTube descriptions, but I think in-app browsing getting miscategorised to
    I’ve feature req SimpleAnalytics to identify this issue

  5. (10.) Tech Microblog a slightly meta category, collecting my posts about service itself (yup this Article itself will be in it!). Most traffic from people looking for more tips after seeing my Videos explainer on I’ve been pretty active there, you can see my top contributions, thanks to Discourse’s own analytics.

Overall Website

For all (dozen or so) of my sites on SimpleAnalytics I have (current rolling avg) monthly page views of 300. I’d love to see Adriaan beef out this feature, i.e. to group subdomains, to help get a birds-eye view across multiple domains.

My primary creative home on the web is only being tracked by GoDaddy Websites own tool, averaging 100 visitors, which probably equates to about the same page views, as I reckon avg pages per visitor is more towards 3 than 2.

So according to Plausible, at 1.5k+ unique visitors across 15 months, this website was averaging 100 monthly visitors too. And on the last 12 months view, you get a sense that the trend is definitely upwards

I look forward to seeing the trend continue the same way on my new SimpleAnalytics public dashboard now.

Thank you for your support, and for visiting my personal blog website.


How I calculated

Time on site x visitors

Time on site can be skewed upwards by people leaving the page open. Particularly me: Plausible doesn’t have Simple’s neat Firefox Extension to discard your own visits! I’ll discard anything where average is 5+m often expected consumption time. Here’s those Hon. Mentions Posts:

(micro) Teasing RSS Project though I do hope it will get a lot of attention when OURSS.SOCIAL goes live next month 🕸🎶

(micro) Marshall Steinbaum. I know it had high-visits but someone must have left it open cos it’s short as hell to get

NoCoDB launch this was a decent innovative article, but not worth half-an-hour of average reader’s time. 8 Google visits. Added to Google Search Console so I can understand this stuff in future.

Plausible as go-to M.b tracking option

Here’s the all-time dashboard:

I’d recommend it for 2 reasons:

1). It’s the cheapest for low-traffic sites at $6/mo

2). Even if you cancel after 1st month, they keep collecting in the background (even if you change domain & 301 redirect). It’s a little cheeky, but in theory you could collect a year of data for $12 by renewing sub at end of year for a month and exporting.
However, I’d recommend actually supporting a service across your websites on a monthly basis, as I do with Simple.
I will leave the Plausible script in, so I can sanity check both their & Simple’s data in a year’s time.

I wanted to document high-level of my Plausible data publicly, before I end my subscription with them tomorrow, especially as SimpleAnalytics cannot import their new data export.

I’ve finally figured out how to add SimpleAnalytics, which is hereafter publicly available at

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