"Nanos Gigantum Humeris Insidentes": helping students get a foot on the internet (ft. @tamaramunzner) (#tech)

At the start of the pandemic, I was shortlisted by OXFO for a venture remotely guiding groups of teenagers in practical internet projects, like coding an old skool HTML-only website.
Now that tutoring is just a side-hustle for me, I’m having to work on my mission to push CS education “by doing” literally 1 by 1. And I’m happy to say my first 1:1 6thForm student has just published his first website: S4VV4.com.
It’s based on the code template of my olde Master’s student webpage which lives at W4.RNER.me.
I licensed the code under Creative Commons, because mine in turn was a tip of the hat to early 90s websites. In particular Tamara Munzner’s, who was kind enough to let me play about with the idea of a homage.

There’s a serious pedagogical point here, which is that we sometimes need to be launched to a place ahead of our current understanding to catch up. The Latin quote in my footer means “we stand on the shoulders of giants”, and I’m proud to be able to support folks like Savva myself now, via my online CS tutoring.
I market my services at the subdomain Lea.rner.me. I may use a modern website builder there, but the design principles of minimalism & templating are the same as they’ve ever been on the web.

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