FirstWeek vlog | No Phone! Next year: @Punkt MP02 | πŸ’Ώ @SlickKing_ | πŸ“š CJ Sansom's Shardlake --- (12/12 FirstWeek 2021 #arts)

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Tyler Milligan’s accidental smartphone detox SEO hack fail

Polar Express Train Ride is a great show
But unfortunately run by: If you like you’re voice/health, avoid (over)working for ‘em.

Screen Time

There’s nothing like a ridiculously overbooked show schedule to get you off your tech:

Here’s the week before where I only had Polar on Sunday:

Firefox dominates on laptop usage. Though the ‘Trends’ tab has disappeared from Websites, so I can’t put into context.

Also RescueTime firefox extension still not working. Here’s what you can glean from simply from window titles at least:

Though poor quality data: missing, close dupes. One that stands out is the “Holiday Inn” review, which I had to rewrite after a page refresh (lesson: always write on an offline app), and dealt with the thorny topic of historical context of blackface (lesson: don’t be a controversy hawk).


FlipPhone to join me on a week-long smartphone detox next year. You can dig out an old flip phone and don’t need to drop a couple hundred bucks on a (just)Smart(enough) Phone, but if you do you might find it easier. Here’s my faves: ‘21:
‘22: Punkt MP02

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