My fave 'Connection' photos ๐Ÿ“ธ from October Photoblog Challenge #MbOct | Nature vs. Tech (#arts)

I’m glad to be connected to this wonderful range of people, even if just in the meagre digital sense :D

As I discussed in my Fave ‘Touch’ Photos, I suggested a couple related words that could be interpreted as either very techie, or very IRL, and was interested to see how people would react.

With ‘Touch’, the first prompt of the month, people really leant into the human vibe, with over 50 people sharing pretty candid natural photos. Now we’re towards the end of the month with ‘Connection’, it’s mainly just the regulars, so about half the people taking part.

25 Photos

I’ve screenshotted & categorised the entries in this Dropbox folder.

Here’s a snapshot:

The file name is their M.b username, so be sure to give them some love!
Here were my faves I wanna give some love to:

Natural: Nature (6)

@CliffordBeshers is giving me West Coast wanderlust:

Hon Mentions:

@pimoore used high contrast to effect

@v that actually looks quite nice and no doubt it tastes even better. I’ve been developing a food post concept called #WellFedArtist, which is just meals I’ve made from reduced (stickered) items, which is a really important concept for starving artists. I’m always concerned that people will find real food pics icky though, so you’re giving me good encouragement.

Natural: Social (7)

Social as in people. Not the bookie.

@jafish got me right in the feels with this one:

@maique Homie’s travel photos are unrivalled here on M.b for quality.

@ericmwalk I’m not suprised you’re looking frosty if you spend time around ice rinks too much!

  • my entry, taken last week on my holiday in France, in a wonderful bookshop called Culturel.Leclerc (shout on that huge flex registering a TLD btw)

[updated to correct photo after publish]

in the light of McCartney’s revelations, I couldn’t help be struck by the sense that John isn’t pulling, but rather pushing Paul here. It’s a shame they couldn’t stay connected.

Objects: Tech (9)

Loads more people went for the techie interpretation on this one compared to Touch.

@sexyhermit has somehow managed to make wires look cool:

Hon Mentions:

@RonGuest : that’s some impressive radio kit you’ve got there. People Just Do Nothing boys would be proud!

@dfj : I remember my Grandparents having a Mac like that, 2 decades before I’m now something of an Apple-head

Objects: Travel (3)


I loved making a 6h flight connection at Keflavik’s local community spa.

Now transatlantic flights are back hope to stop there again sometime soon.


Maybe there’s a correlation between people’s ability to post regularly in a photo challenge, and their interest in tech.

Either way, this challenge still proves that M.b is the best social media hub for mindfully posting candid content onto the grand interent.

Thanks again to @Jean for organising it, and choosing not 1 but 2 of my prompts!

Enjoyed this?

Go take a look at my fave ‘Touch’ photos

There’s still a couple days left in the M.b photo challenge. Consider joining! Micro.Camp videos give a good intro to the community, and my talk gives tips on the best socials-friendly setup.


This was picked up into the #mboct category (presumably @manton has made an auto filter for posts with pic & matching word) mistakenly as it feels part of a separate series about board games, but correct me otherwise @sylari

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