JBP is discussing with Muslim thinkers for 1st time, over next month 🔏

Revealed at 1h30: in podcast “No Safe Spaces

Was great to hear he’s aware of this glaring black-hole in his content (there was no references in 12 Rules). He stated it’s because of his own ignorance of it, so I understand he’d play to his strengths.
at 1h58 he reveals it was specifically provoked by comments against him having only Ayaan Hirsi Ali (dissident who left Islam, I believe author of “Infidel”).

Hope he gets my former prof Tariq Ramadan on.
Medhi Hasan would also be worth considering for a more secular viewpoint, though I haven’t heard from him in public life since seeing his wonderful Al Jazeera Head to Head with Jimmy Wales.

If you go to the pod section to check it out, stick around for some quite erudite discussion of anti-Semitism.
The two conservatives are a bit boorish (and pretty complacent about their glaring similarities beyond just being over 6 foot) but Dennis is intellectually solid throughout, except 1h59 when the tone of his argument sounds dangerously close to David Starkey’s “too many damn blacks”.

(update 28th Sep): 1h15: interesting observation from Dennis that conservatives find more fulfillment for non-political life

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