🎙 Colin Greenwood from @Radiohead on @JamesAcaster "Perfect Sounds" #podcast | refreshing rare appearance from #radiohead --- 🎵 #arts

My take

Seek out online content from people who seldom exist here.
They often bring more of themselves & higher energy levels to any given piece of content.

A fellow Parkrunner of mine in Abingdon had mentioned that he’s neighbours with Colin and the guy had offered him comps to their Albert Hall show, which the friend inexplicably, declined (maybe like James he hadn’t listened to them yet.
He sounds like he’d be a great neighbour!

Very refreshing humility from him when he spoke about letting his brother Jonny get on with the intricate stuff and he just enjoyed or took some pics.

A great episode of a great podcast.



17’ Thom Yorke subs to Spotify LOL

20’ “Where would I start? B-sides from the Bends & OK computer” - Colin Greenway playing to Radiohead type “How can you be sure?”

25’ Great observation about streaming creating a bewildering range of taste. I find it jarring when Gen-Z use the word “banger” for either a Fleetwood Mac classic or a Dave grime hitter. E.g. Niko B’s “top 10 bops”

27’ listen Radiohead fans: stop being proscriptive!!

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