🎙 "imposter syndrome: accepting your worth", Solo Collective #podcast w/ @RebeccaSeal & @anna_mathur | good reminder #arts

My take

walk into any start-up environment, and you’ll hear imposter syndrome is the Great Enemy, the Ghost at the Feast of wantrepreneurial mastery. My problem with the ‘find your true authentic self’ stuff is that neruoscience suggests we have multiple selfs (cf “The Divided Self”), so imposter syndrome is probably something we just have to learn to live with. These two seem open to that nuance, so don’t take a particularly strong line which is honest, but it makes this a slightly pedestrian listen.


imposter syndrome: accepting your worth


16:00 cliched but still worth reminding yourself of. Strange examples though: Those people are dead: do they have equal worth to the living?

18 is it a sugar high? Successes take days to realise not seconds

24:30 And you have different ways of dealing with emotions. Like singing to the streets drunkenly in a Japanese karaoke! (Cf people just do nothing movie)

29 yikes I am worth the same as Boris. That’s a let down.

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