Micro.Camp Day 2 Live | Watch my Talk! | (#tech)

My Talk

“Micro.blog Mothership for your #SavvyIndie Creative Journey”

It’s all about getting the most out of a single M.b. subscription, with focus on Categories & Cross-Posting.

Talk Notes

Members of the Hub can view it alongside other talks on Vito. Apparently they will eventually be added to Micro.Camp for posterity.

Here was some of the reactions:

Was happy it’s provoked people to think about getting savvy with the tech they’re paying for. Reply here for strategic advice for anyone’s individual setup.

I’m particularly keen for this to reach creatives not on M.b. yet to inspire them as to what could be possible if they choose a better base for their online presence, so please do share this post with them! They can contact me for advice getting off to a good start here.

Notes from Other Talks

  • Want to Write a Book? You Probably Already Have! by @PatrickRhone

In-between stuff

Yesterday, I shared a clip of “Ever After” playing.

Here’s the second track “Way Back Home” in action. Particularly cool that it losed it out to @burk’s awesome logo:

“All the photos you see in the slideshow are from A Day In The Life of Micro.blog, a 24-hour global photochallenge. You can see them all at micro.blog/discover/…” - @jean


Thank you @manton, @jean & @burk !

Hope that it’s gonna be IRL next year, at least for ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง gang

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