Micro.Camp Day 1 Live (#tech)

It would be a Micro.Blog virtual gathering if I didn’t blog about it.. right?!

1. The State of Micro.blog, plus Q&A by @manton & @jean

Jean can’t stomach using Marketing Slogans.

I do, so I’ll relay!

Micro.blog is:

The Social Media where it’s OK to Apologise | My tweak: Never too late to Apologise

Social Media where it’s OK to respond to a post 3 months later

Social Media for Cold Takes | (as opposed to Hot Takes)

@PatrickRhone clearly DOES do marketing slogans. He came up with: “Micro.blog is Slowcial Media”

1b. Q & A

My unanswered questions @manton :

Search Indexing: “Why are Micro.blog profiles not Google indexed (right?), but Help.Micro.blog is?”

“@jean I reckon I’d probably put my hat in the ring for a paid UX design position”

2. The Joy of Long-form Writing by the mighty @jasraj

looking forward to seeing the lad tomorrow down at his local Parkrun, to do our own lil' IRL Conf Breakout!

2a. 1st Meetup: Books 📚

Great to briefly put a voice & moving-face to @pimoore, and the mightily big-brained @chrisaldrich who I’m keen to learn more about his entertainment work.

Recommended the Best of Britain: Sherlock Holmes & PG Wodehouse, and found many like minds.

3. Learning in Public on Your Blog by @kimberlyhirsh

She was also in the Books talk. Really great piece about offering up lessons of your learnings.

Interesting companion to Jas’s talk.

Raises the big question: is there a trade-off of sharing your journaling? Does it make you lose energy to do the solo journaling? You might say: “oh I’m just sharing it now”, but the truth is you are probably only sharing certain things.

In-between stuff

My Cerulean Sounds were played! In particular, two tracks from Smalltown Dreamer: A-Side!

Such an honour to be accompanied by visuals from the community, including amazing artists @MikeHendley & @kaa.

Live text chat

Here’s some of my faves (to do Kimberly proud, here’s the tool I found to create the collage):

Members of the Hub can view & respond to all my posts here.

It has come to my daily “Screens Off” time (9pm) here in the UK.

Look forward to watching the rest of today back, and tuning into all of tomorrow’s (incl. Movies meet🍿 ) Live!

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