"Micro.blog Mothership for your #SavvyIndie Creative Journey" - Micro.Camp talk notes --- #tech

1. Own your output

a) Publish content on your own custom domain with custom design

b) Divide content into Categories, for organisation e.g. Category for my Micro.blog learnings

2. Amplify your output

a) Syndicate to Micro.blog for small & friendly social feedback

b) Cross-post to (multiple) Big Socials - e.g. Twitter / Tumblr - for maximum exposure

3. Love your output

a) Put your tech where your values are, and spend as little as possible doing so

b) Gradually bring your closest audience more direct & communicate why

How to View Talk & Respond

20m talk video (+ up to half-hour Q&A) livestreamed on Saturday 14th Aug at 4pm UTC (5pm ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง, 12pET/9aPT ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ)

Anyone can register, Micro.blog member or not at: https://Micro.Camp

I look forward in particular to Q&A so I can speak to specific queries from potential or actual Micro.bloggers and also speak more to the WHY separating posts into Categories with varying cross-post rules is the healthiest approach, and ways M.b can improve its offering (improve cross-posting to Medium, make a specific Micro.blog Only category which scoops up all posts not assigned to a Feed category).

Afterwards, will add watchback link here.

Reflecting on Talk

Micro.blog encouraged me to give a live-feel talk even though pre-recorded. To mitigate rambling, I used this post to structure the talk, and pre-loaded webpages. I welcome feedback about whether it was slick & engaging enough, or whether tighter scripting needed like I use for my live IRL appearances, like the one I made at Oxford Royale Academy last month titled “Get #SavvyIndie: forging a creative career in extremely online times” (45m video recording available on request).

For any paid virtual keynotes, I’d be more inclined to aspire to Marcus John Henry Brown’s incredibly high standards of a mini-film-production. Though to be honest, I’d prefer virtual keynotes to be consigned to the Covid dustbin, and get paid to give talks to a live audience, and do the occasional virtual thing voluntarily more short & off-the-cuff like this with more time for Q&A.

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