Tw @SpencerJayCase πŸŽ™ @OliverTraldi : analysed #cancelculture while the #moralpanic raged --- #tech

My take:

Philosophers gon be philosophers: hold everyone to higher intellectual standards. But these two are too comfortable sitting with each other like two gowned dons saying “yeah” to each other and should bring on some cancellers next time for some attempted peace & reconciliation.

Spencer Case is a slightly less rad Sam Harris and Traldi’s a more gruff Jesse Singal. Both rocking same Weebly template… | so they really do walk the walk when it comes to “not bothering to keep up with trends and crap” !

Thanks to my pal Ram Adrian for recommending me this. Wouldn’t usually find something this academic on pop culture.

Listen Notes:

14' tolerance was useful when in minority, not so much in majority My addition: everyone feels in a majority with social echo chambers

25' same pattern for value of Privacy

36' if the -isms are ‘structural’ why is cancel culture’s response so individually focussed

42' Potter dweebs throwing Mummy under the bus

46' retrospectives: the punishers didn’t even notice transgression at the time!

47' cancel culture as fashion for the poorly dressed (like “politics is showbiz for the ugly”)

51' interracial couple depicted too friendly! Danger in tryna ‘play their game’

52' stop doing the apologies people! Don’t feed the trolls! Billie Eilish strikes me as the most recent example for missed chance (easy out: she was a kid) But Traldi’s ‘never apologise’ goes too far and makes him seem headstrong

57' “sensitivity reader” as weathervane of offense. They are like an upper class FB content mod.

60' would be interesting to see the Overton Window moving visually over time on an issue data-viz wise Then we could quantify this “velocity of cultural change”

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