🎙 @SamHarris and @EricTobin on Vaccine Hesitancy --- good simple stats & history of vaccines | countering #disinfo & role of bad #tech

My take:

Couple rhetorical mis-steps that might leave then vulnerable to critique, also don’t specifically address psych biases like Fear of Regret, but mostly a thorough case for almost every adult getting any of major Western Covid vaccines ASAP. They show great empathy for hesitants and I’d encourage anyone in that camp to listen, and feedback if they missed your thinking.
Proudly evangelical ‘anti-vaxx’? Go get a tattoo about it instead! It will make my day!


Sam’s thought-experiment of “even if purely selfish and worst claims about Vaccines true, still rational choice to get”

Their transparent take on high-harm, minimal-risk of AZN blood clots, and need for education on Black Swan events like that

original thought

Nudge econ idea:

If as I suspect one of the main drivers of hesitancy is fear of personal regret and social shame, if you experience Blackswan event, could govt do more to insure against that downside risk. E.g. with a fast high windfall payment in those cases to ind. or family ?? It would give sufferers a narrative of having somewhat “played” the government, rather than being pure victims, and would show govt belief in their own claims of low incidence. Could be especially effective with mRNA vaccines, where purported/actual-rare downsides are less likely to be death

Listen notes:

27’ you’re going to have to make a forced choice People dying right making strong choices. Made rather stick with the “natural default” Unfortunately as Sam points out that is actually a choice to go into scenarios unprotected

33’ Second most efficacious vaccine in history. Effectiveness on Delta hotel that around 88% in the real world, which is really high as well. Gives hope for Johnson’s early unlock

36’ natural experiments of effectiveness: in Virginia vaccine takeoff is 50-50, but hospitalisation is more like 98-2

39’ why did the guest try to quash the 12 K number with the “other causes of death” factor (which is also true for Covid), rather than just comparing it to the presumably higher Covid number, this looks like they are super biased

44’ Sam finally got back to it, but still failed to hit hard with a direct numerical comparison to his one in 10,000

45’ “no reason to think this is different “. What about the new approach of mRNA? This links to why Sam’s peanut butter example might not hit with hesitants. I do believe it is the newness that scares them

47’ sounds Covid versus artificial vaccine comparison again hits a nail which is Choice / Fear of Regret / Fear of Looking Gullible. People imagine if Covid has long-term effects, they will get sympathy, whereas if vaccines have long-term affect they will get mocked for having been gullible

47’ first time hearing of therapeutic: ‘ivormectin’ (sic?)

63’ this Wiseman (sic?) guy ain’t living up to his name

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