One side dark 🕶, one side light ☀️ ⚫️⚪️ | 📸 from last week w/ Tw @YvngError | #arts

While the sun’s been shining last week: I was putting final touches to the pilot of “Flu York": a comedy which explores themes of duality (as well as Georgia’s dual Nigerian-British heritage, we have Georgia vs. Yorkie representing some big cultural clashes: educated thinker vs. creative risk-taker, Covid careful vs. Covid critic). This was inspired by my ‘2-sided’ debut album #SmalltownDreamer I’ll let you guess which side is who..

But made sure find time to get outside with IG @yvngerrorofficial, after recording to enjoy the sunshine, and make some seeded buns go #BURNER 🔥

Let’s hope it returns soon🌤 before I go #BURNER from socials again (Mon 2nd) too much to ask?!

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