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The world of creating content to sell things online is so chaotic and changes so quickly. I am personally interested in approaches that have long-term sustainability. I see highly transparent individuals using open web tools ethically as the best bet. Hence next quarter prototyping on RSS curation & recommendations.

Listen Notes:


Q: Pug Pic: RSS feed vs. adobe jpegs ??

10’ new thing gets the qualifier label, then the old thing does before it dies

11’ plausible deniability is the feature not the bug

12’ cookie apocalypse will kill “Other” than BigTech

13’ “not offended by targeted ads”. Ugghhh so much vested interests!!! I think people need benefits to outweigh icky costs

16’ externalities of cookie system (random companies get personal data)

19’ affiliate marketing: Future Publishing

21’ influencer saturation?

22’ ASOS as publisher?? Do we need publisher middlemen?

23’ consumer vs. Niche? Best headphones guide on architecture mag?!?!

24’ NYT Wirecutter & NY Mag: The Strategist

26’ “politics is showbiz for ugly people” - tell Rishi Sunak that!!

33’ Apple Privacy kills Open Rates. Good point: Gmails read in Apple Mail -> stats are botched

43’ return of (human) Curators. Cf. Micro.blog Discover

44’ social innovation is constraint. How to reduce the firehose. I Need to think on that about RSS. Cf. Cory Doctorow on post-scarcity.

46’ Smith points out lots of examples are “exception to the rule” (👏 correct usage)

47’ longer articles, % read up

47’ what is Hokendey (sic?)

49’ why does Ben assume he can’t sell visuals? What about his graphs?!

49’ oof Clubhouse already preceded by ‘remember’ !!

50’ shout-out for indie debut albums!!! Here’s mine: SmalltownDreamer.co.uk

51’ “hubbing” : rewrite article for different audiences

52’ honesty of this podcast: “we don’t know”

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