@JesseSingal on @SamHarris podcast πŸŽ™ | #BlockedAndReported #moralpanic #tech

SH shows disappointing levels of anger & hypocrisy simmering, and seems to be increasingly wanting fights. But still mostly talks amazing sense. JS is quintessential MPP kid - bit tiresome, and pertinaciously correct - but with genuine courage in those values. It was interesting he often distanced from SH conservatism, and fun when he got SH to talk drugs though.


Listened to a couple eps of “Blocked and Reported”. Reminds me of UC3P.org but if they enjoyed riling up the internet rather than issuing apologies before tangentially related guests (someone from Mayor Lightfoot’s office).

Cf. SH getting too lazy conservative with Ricky Gervais

& SH on corporate courage with Jason Fried

Listen notes


(At some point)' Sam: we should be “Dispassionate… (something else)…compassionate” in conversation. So which one is it?! Should we act like robots or carers?! I don’t think he’s clear, or even aware of his own lack of clarity here. Similar to Jason Fried not seeing own hypocrisy of laying into Apple’s values on Twitter.

29' Sam: “avoid Audience Capture” Always speaking on the same topic is boring

34' Interesting that Sam uses the phrase we are waiting forever going to wake up from work now. Also irony of him originally calling this past podcast waking up and then criticising wokeness

36' when Sam anonymously name drops his group of highly powerful people, one can’t help but think it’s going to inflame the QAnon BilderBerg folk

43' I think what San doesn’t understand is that activity in the situation is so bad that everyone is in fact hyper racist and just waiting for it was a

51' know the quality of outcomes people are trying to van SATs scores because they reveal inequality Funny pointing out that Asian students suffer

61' 62% of US white, Sam Harris doesn’t engage should be targeted towards Rachel group

72' Sam Harris tinkers on the edge of hate speech with “drag (religious Jews) by their beards” IMO

77' if Israel-Palestine power dynamic flipped, there would be “genocide, no question”. Why so sure Sam?

80' love Jesse’s switch up to “talk to the Master Dealer”

83' legal: someone can bring you down with adavan, benzodiazopene

84' psilocybin & LSD = Russian roulette

87' unlikely to have permanent negative effect. Much was spurious correlation with 1% of pop who go schizo in 20s

89' MDMA physically dangerous but mentally safer

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