Jason Fried from @basecamp on @SamHarris podcast πŸŽ™ | #basecamp #moralpanic #tech

My overall take

JF been skewered by own sword of his & DHH activism (corportate criticism via Twitter). But at least he’s trying to innovate. He’s still a more focussed & consistent thinker and doer than most (including the haywire DHH), and he will be celebrated as stable leader by centrists & business community in long run.

Listen notes


Cf: prev episode on “corporate cowardice”

8' “face time”. Did that phrase pre-exist Apple?

19' Ibram X. Kennedy: haven’t heard?

20' Juillard: 50% black pop: but self-flagellation

21' agreed: Basecamp will be celebrated in future

Tech colleagues:

23' being called “facist”. Jason Fried is jewish and got called “a nazi”. Fortunately, JF was off Twitter.

24' culpable: Basecamp.com/team had Twitter links for each individual team member

25' JF “I’m off” Twitter. LOL let’s see how long that lasts. ‘Quit’ doesn’t work. Phase out pls.

26' again culpable: “we’ve marshalled Twitter audience against Apple”

27' “ire & dishonesty will be directed your way”. SH points out powerful are scared like lowly ones: cf. “Can’t get you out of my head” ep. 3 by Adam Curtis on Nixon in 1970s

32' “politics has become like religion” ergo “don’t talk about religion”

35' I think SH is overstating the pressure to comment

38' love JF’s defence on “knowing your sphere of influence”

49' SH on jewishness: “to the far right you’re not white, to the far left you’re extra white”

51' JF: social media will be like cigarettes, “addicted to toxic thing”. Yes m8 was saying that in 2018.

56' JF “psychological warfare & abuse” - isn’t he being just as righteously OTT as BC critics?

63' JF boycotts social ads, SH reluctantly does FB ads (like I’ve just started to.. 3 wks of month)

70' SH spitballs the ideal social network and it looks… EXACTLY like Micro.blog. Let’s get him on!! @manton should go on his podcast!

73' Email in for free accounts. SH wouldn’t recommend it.

80' What can BC do: pay personnel better

82' tax code is mostly exceptions, cf. JF earlier on “no first cut” decisions as business.

83' SH points out that income, income tax etc. is a meaningless detail compared to wealth tax.. but even THAT isn’t taxed!

83' wealth tax incredibly difficult: volatile paper valuations. Cf. Adam Curtis doc: Nixon destabilised currencies. Govs can’t wrangle complex markets.

84' points out that poor people deal with volatility all the time

86' JF has hope in social contagion from an Elon Musk first-mover to pay tax. Why would they vs. controlling distribution with “philanthropy”

87' “who would wanna be a billionaire?” JF says “I’m wealthy, I’ll be honest about that”. We already knew that! If you want to be “honest”, why not be the one to disclose your wealth and tax first!?

89' Sam points out philanthropy > tax (cf. above). But points out how they don’t cover public goods.

92' JF “I wouldn’t wanna be alive” through apocalypse. When push comes to shove you would.

93' Dr. Strangelove reference. Just recorded some bars on that #Whoa

95' “The whole point of having ‘fuck you’ money is that you say ‘fuck you’” and yet none of them are, they are building bunkers instead

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