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Main conclusion: Apple gonna try stifle Goog & FB bus models

Listen notes:

9’ is Ben right that AR glasses on the Table or Wall problem is similar to two devices

11’ Apple working on password less encryption using a token on your phone, the end of passwords?

16’ Apple are gearing up for products which are way more potentially privacy invasive, light glasses, and cars, with always-on cameras and sensors

23’ no one installs 5 apps a week on their Mac. Errr..

26’ so is it on lowest iCloud package dollar a month?

27’ confused: does this help with Proton VPN on Public wi-fi

30’ wanna know 5k ppl in Bangalore who don’t open email

32’ open rate to Apple Mail - 100%. Unintended consequence: more spam to Apple? Also, locations obscured.

34’ will push toward other models. Subscription, and paywalls. What about RSS as solution!?

36’ rise of 1st party tracking (see Blacklight on Facebook on this)

40’ Apple don’t ship “science projects” Dr, Evil plan: kill ads and make reliant on-device info.

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