Sam Harris with Antonio Garcia Martinez @antoniogm πŸŽ™- moral outrage fire by #Apple - call for companies to focus on making and less on hypocritical posturing --- #tech #podcast


My Listen Notes:

First-half Sam: people will draw the conclusion today that “I can only say anodyne things unless I want to be an artist who will be villified by 50% of the population” Yup: you’ve gotta know when you’ve got a beastly side

Tom Wolfe (sic?) the electric acid test. Garcia: I wasn’t writing a statement of truth or anything normative. Well what the heck why are you writing? Surely it’s a mix of the two.

It was a good move from Sam injecting reading the passage about half of the way through. It gives it a very rich context, and I’m glad they didn’t just fail to mention it entirely

38' “not clear where to point the wayback machine” He doesn’t mean right? Is there a bigger thing?

39' why does Sam say “we can’t have convo on political norms” - I thought his concern was that we didn’t have to talk about politics! Can’t have a motorways. Looks like he’s just trying to earn their politics condo in the intellectual centre. Ugh: Garcia said “I lol’d at this” about Israel-Palestine. I don’t think he had to work very hard to create his so-called jackass persona! He’s a tech bro!

40' Anthony does a good job at pointing the finger slack as internal Twitter, and the generational clash between young people who want to bring themselves at work and older corporates who want them to just work

45' Sam is indictment of Apple hypocrisy is absolutely stellar

47' “We are living through massive preference falsification” Big problem for democracy because what it outputs can only be as good as what preference is going

50' Signal is now Silicon Valley’s “confession booth”

51' Sam’s telling bosses to fire super-woke devs: “lead balloon”

52' Garcia makes funny observation that tech CEOs are trying to loght a rocket fuse to Mars, but they can’t defuse political conversations even a bit in the workplace

53' companies which separate work and play: Coinbase, Palmer Luckey, Zandero (sic?) : someone needs to do a database of such companies I generally believe they will be more successful long-run

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