Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR (that I'm not as cool as Billie Eilish) | album listen notes --- 🎡 #oliviarodrigo #LA #newmusic #arts

Gosh LA just churns em out. Preternaturally talented 18 year old female singer-songwriters.

I’ve been told recently there’s two types of production: a) you can imagine yourself making b) you peer up to in awe

Rodriguez self-aware enough about her own basicness that she could catch a wider audience than Billie on the first front, by gesturing towards Billie’s lyrical edge while staying in Ariana Grande song structure & look, with Taylor Swift real-name authenticity.

Even Branding-wise: BILLIE ALL CAPS ALBUM TITLE | ariana no caps song titles Cover Messing with face like Billie | still looking Ariana pretty in purple

Track notes:

  1. Courtney Barnett style one :
    Man if Disney stars in LA hate 17, what hope do smalltown english kids have?!

  2. Drivers License replica:
    “You’re callous for moving on” theme: + high-pitched backing vocals towards end to elevate like “Drivers License” With a little Billie-style harmony vocal at start to ground

  3. Drivers License:
    The first “perfect pop song” of the decade (a la Billie’s dad’s choices) Most perfect imperfection about it is the repeated last line which doesn’t resolve to root. FYI Not an ‘organic’ viral hit. Music career Disney + Interscope backed.

  4. 1 step forward, 3 steps back :
    just tweaking idiom from 2 to 3 steps doesn’t make it not trite

  5. Deja vu:
    She’s willing to lean into a indie rock sound - cool

  6. Good 4 u :
    the high pitched backing vocal stab could have literally been pulled from Billie’s “when the party’s over”. She’s got a fun rap-rock Miley Cyrus vibe too

  7. enough for you :

  8. happier:
    this copped her the desired Parental Advisory sticker, but can’t even tell why?

  9. jealousy, jealousy :
    a song for influencers

  10. favorite crime :
    does she play guitar?

  11. hope your ok :
    most egregiously sickly Ariana dm-style title, but a neat ballad. Repeat notes at end nod nicely to fact that this album only came about cos of DL. I kinda do that with mentioning shopping centre in “Monopoly”


wouldn’t pay to see live like I might Billie (see yesterday post on tix) or Taylor (who I consider to have way more original artistry to offer), but will take production notes on importance of layering backing vocals, and sudden minimalism on big moments Who is her goto producer btw?

(post reformatted on May 31, June 1)

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