Enjoyed Jean McDonald's 30m talk "Crossing the Geek Divide" | @MacGenie, @jean (M.b) | excited for Micro.blog to do so & reach more creatives | --- #communication #tech

In the context of @Jasraj & I’s podcast imploring more creatives to join Micro.blog, good to know we’ve got a Community Manager who knows the importance of conveying the ideas behind Manton’s products in different language than he would use to broader audience.

Watch notes

  • Programmers good at:
    a) precision
    b) completeness

these things are NEVER good for a shallow marketing slogan because they both slow down your brain at getting to the key problem a product could solve for you.

Best to relegate complexity to footnotes (why I love accordions).
(side-note: major theme of my career in entertainment is simultaneously appealing to shallow & deep consumers)

Pet peeve: “What?! You haven’t heard of X?!”
Question: is calmly saying “Hmm, I thought you would have heard of X” any better?

“women can mansplain too” = iconic take

Questions for Jean

Cool to know that Smile make TextExpander. Do you think free plan is much better than using native Mac Keyboard text replacement?
Is PDF Pen still a compelling annotation tool?

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