🎙 "Power Of A Good Lunch", Solo Collective w/ @RebeccaSeal & @SigneSJohansen | perf lunch break #podcast! #SavvyIndie #arts

Listen: The Power Of A Good Lunch

6 (feedback) skilled hosts would hand-over 1st question slightly sooner.
10 you never regret cooking a good meal.
14 link to Peterson rule: “treat yourself like someone you’re looking after”.
17 worker rights for self-employed. Requires schizo mindset lol.
20 freezer: fish fingers, bread, herbs. Love fridge tupperware, but I haven’t ventured to freezer territory yet.
21 amazing having Rebecca flex her food journo muscles.
23 Sig’s top 5 ingredients: citrus fruit (lemon) to squeeze, oily tinned fish (mackerel - is there high quality?), eggs (already on it!), seasonal produce + umami/savoury depth: olives, sundried tomato paste, feta/parmesan (which is lower lactose?).
25 stuff on toast: Cannelini beans, garlic&chili cooked kale/broccoli.
28 solo eating out: pick bar seat 👍.
33 good old-fashioned ‘thinking ahead’!

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