My application to join the #dearMoonCrew 2023 - extended offline experiment - #digitaldetox #arts

A1 : A project you’re passionate about

In May 2018, as a Fulbright Scholar researching the growing phenomenon of Smartphone Dependence, I realised I needed to tackle my own addiction first, so invited my friend Tushar to join me in this challenge. It was so successful at helping me refine what I - not Big Tech - want to get out of smartphone socialising, that I’ve continued going cold turkey once a month ever since, sometimes with dozens of other young people. Find out more at FlipPhone

A2 : How you’d continue it on dearMoon

One of the unique things about the moon / space is you (usually) can’t get standard internet/cell signal. I would treat the dearMoon trip itself as the centerpiece of a personal experiment in offline living. I would heavily document my life online until X (e.g. 8) weeks before takeoff. Then go fully offline and live somewhere Moon-like (Utah?) until the trip itself. Upon return, I would do another X (e.g. 8) weeks in a moon-like Earth space, writing & creating art about what I’d seen in space. Then - like Milla Jokovich in ‘The Fifth Element’ - I would return to the world for high-volume level of interviewers by journalists. I would livestream the whole of the first 24h back for the dearMoon YouTube channel (providing some delayed content after landing), and much beyond. This would give society an idea of what extended trips in space could look like for a break from some of the Earth’s mania.

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