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Ricky’s question: Why do we dream?

I must say I was a wee bit disappointed Sam Harris the name check Professor Matthew Walker, who has written a book called “Why We Dream”.


18' Ricky Gervais: perfection isn’t funny mistakes are funny. Why Improv work

20' people laugh at the wrong thing, because they know what the right thing is. Great analogy about a piano player hitting the wrong notes: (Les Dawson)

22' everything I now like is an acquired taste. I didn’t like Radiohead at first.

23' when Ricky graduated from UCL, he was on benefits, and used to run around London going to art galleries. Boy does that make me feel better about my spring

25' hearing Ricky talk about music reminded me of why I love it so much. He reminds me of Yvng Error a bit

27' Harris identifies anonymity as biggest draw to consumer entertainment. Agree with Ricky Gervais that people more so want to impact. Ideal is when they can have both i.e. video games. Gervais says VR.


More on Dreaming.
Amazing insight behind the GoldenGlobes process. Probably the best one!


11 - doesn’t care about side, just wants to tell good joke
14 - Golden Globes: 17 lawyers round the table.“is minge OK?” “It’s a euphemism.” “(Googles) it’s a vulgar term” “of course it is!”
15 - lawyer: “you can say vagina”. People were sayong “box”. Lawyers were acting like a writer’s room.
18 - my whole career I’m talking people down.
19 - I’ve offered to write the letter
25 to 35 - SKIP: turgid FreeSpeech debate! Nothing new!


  1. Are chimps going to develop human consciousness?
  2. Are computers going to?

Probably the most lacklustre one. Seems like Ricky had got complacent about being funny or saying anything new, and reverted to his undergrad philosophy student. Just goes to show, all good things must come to an end. Maybe didn’t need yet another Ricky Gervais and could have had a new voice to diversify “Making Sense” a little bit!

More artists though please Sam!!

β€œ300k years finishing school Homo Sapiens”


7: “there will be computers which pass the Turing test” - Harris
If he’s talking about the normal hearing test, isn’t that already true?
I think that we need a new Turing test with a higher bar, blog post on this coming soon.

18: “Ricky diagnoses most Twitter hate as cry for attention, by observing times when they tried to at him 20 times for nice things and he didn’t notice. Good reason for “don’t feed the trolls”, and actually have a proactive fan engagement”

25: interesting discussion on moral implications of Free Will (aka week 2 of 1st year philosophy), because they specifically spoke about how to treat psychopathic / violent people.
Sam Harris recommends thinking of them as more like a bear than a human, and to try however hard, to want to punish them beyond what utilitarianism might demand. Intersting perspective for crime writers.

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