#ComeHome πŸ“Š (4/4: first month) #SavvyIndie | Won't "travel round the earth" without the help of humans! πŸ™πŸŽ§ #arts

It’s been 4 weeks since release!


Metrics are positive all the way from impressions onward, but simply struggling for impressions πŸ‘€ :

If you enjoyed the music video please share it on your social channels, it simply needs more visibility 🦺 !


Still stuck on… wait for it… 6!! Hey, at least it’s not 0!
Looks like my pessimism about neglect of indie artists in my β€œStream On" πŸ”— review was justified. Feted “algo” clearly isn’t taking care of young Cerulean: please humans share the track with humans!

🀳 #AroundWorld80GreenScreens

Hit goal to wrap the first month with a mini compilation video:

Thanks for taking part: @policyglot @bhargavvader @GeorgiaMaeMusic1 @BeastlyBoyBen Proud of these pals for braving the Reels tech for the first time.

Now let’s see if we get to 80 by the end of the summer if I can play the song live to actually get it heard!
Simply chuck a picture of where you’d fly to in a hot air balloon while lip syncing the song on Reels!

What’s Next?

Single: ‘Ever After’

Release: mid-April, stay posted!

Laurence Warner aka

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'Come Home' Out Now!
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