ScreenTime with @RescueTime Trends : Jan | "The Morning - Break - Evening" WFH Pattern | #ScreenTime #BuildInPublic #WorkHabits #wfh #tech

  1. Trends

Firefox & Mail remain top. Still waiting on RescueTime to fix Firefox Extension to allow web hostname tracking

GarageBand coming up for recording Smalltown Dreamer LP. Just find it easier to record in there, even if production happening in Logic. Tryna fully switch to Logic.

AirTable creeping up, as it becomes my from-idea-to-publication project management tool. Feb: predict ⬆️ as I’ve now invested in Pro to unlock Apps, like the charts shown in new site Also I suspect Micro.Blog might make an appearance!

  1. Time of Day

“The Morning - Break - Evening” WFH Pattern

As you can see (except one night a week), my tech hours are 9-9. But 12 hours can seem like an absolute slog when you’re in the crib, so I break it up into morning work, afternoon chill, evening work, checking email once during each work session.

I try to clear my Things to-do-list (like writing this monthly article) by 3pm, hence the morning burst on Firefox & AirTable. I then generally chill from around 3-5pm, and come back to ‘work’ on more creative pieces (see GarageBand, Firefox web surfing e.g. socials) from 5-7pm. Unfortunately as you can see, that often stretches to 9pm and sometimes beyond.

Finder is always lol.

  1. Laptop time kept under 6h per day

But not shown is that it’s above 4h per day. I can live with that.

N.B. none of this includes my ~6h per day on my 2 iOS devices, which RescueTime still appear to be blocked from tracking. I’m working on doing a supplemental Apple ScreenTime report starting Feb, coming after March FirstWeek FlipPhone.

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