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🎥 Still 100% 👍 Plus above average view duration. Especially on drone sections like shown (1), so props to my first-timer 🎥 Dad for that ✈️ 🔗 top of Ceru.Li/nk : Go run it up now! Thanks to those who have shared to help others enjoy it too! This one can go “travel round the earth” if it gets the right push!

🎧 Curious for feedback on Spotify Canvas Video flying through the ⛅️. I decided to go for something ambient, rather than my face on an 8 second loop, but lmk if it’s too boring! Any fellow Apple Music users can see Synced Lyrics, but I’ve also now made that experience freely available on YouTube (2) 🔗 📸 to check that out. Lmk if you’ve got a fave lyric! (couple of folks have already mentioned the 🇰🇵 line).

🤳 Still only on one other entry than mine, so unlikely we’ll get to 80 by next Thurs. Still encourage folks to play around with the Green Screen feature on Reels & TikTok! It’s surprisingly powerful, and I believe this sort of content is the future of music interaction in the absence of live shows.

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