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Is it just me or has mainstream shit got better? I mean this is a 20 century fox animation, that should’ve just been trash like Family Guy, Bobs Burgers et cetera But in the world of high-competition streaming distribution, and the example set by cross over hits like “Hamilton”, this has genuine merit.

It nods well to musical theatre: “Hamilton” - the R&B Rap vibes in the “keeping the dog” song + Leslie Odom Jr. channeling “Wait for it” in “Own it” “Dear Evan Hansen” vibes musically. Especially when the kids sing in harmony.

If it wasn’t self-aware enough to cast Elder Cunningham from “Mormon” breaking the fourth wall this would be suspectly derivative, but as it is I love it. Amazing intro song.

Funny to see Stanley Tucci playing a female Trumpian villian.

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