New Hypeman: Curtis McLennan, #SmalltownDreamer from Eastleigh

(Update 20th Nov) Curtis & I have gone separate ways. Continue to direct promo queries to [email protected]. — As it says on my page, I “founded Cerulean Sounds Productions as a vehicle for increasingly ambitious collaborative sonic projects.” As a concept double album, Smalltown Dreamer LP is an ambitious debut album and my most ambitious sonic project to date. I’m so grateful to everyone who has collaborated thus far on the Beast-side - including repeated contributions from fam including Lyd Tha Vid, The Account and of course MC Royale - but as we go into the A-side recording, then distribution, then touring phases, we need more consistent collaboration, especially on the promotion front. Which is why I’ve sought a Marketing Apprentice.

“It’s great to know that there are other people here, in Eastleigh, that want to achieve great things. I found MC Beastly’s first music video, Swan Centre, a few weeks after it came out and thought about the potential MC Beastly had so I chose to see what else would come from this persona. Now I am here, working alongside Cerulean, to help support the Smalltown Dreamer and to showcase my own skills as a photographer, videographer, and editor. It is great to officially be part of Cerulean Sounds Productions and I am thankful to have such an amazing opportunity like this” -Curtis McLennan

Photo by Laurence Warner

Activism is what drives my best artistic endeavors. I list ‘local culture & community" as the second of three causes I actively promote, and the one most relevant to Smalltown Dreamer(s). Though this project could take us deep into the music industry and wide around the country, I’m proud that it will be propelled by Smalltown folks who are the hardest hit by Covid’s disruption to the entertainment industry. Curtis is an ideal candidate to help promote Smalltown Dreamer LP, as he himself embodies that persona, of which my rapper alter-ego MC Beastly is an exaggerated version, based on reconnecting with my teenage years growing up in Eastleigh, where I find myself again living year-round for the first time in nearly a decade, since I left for college. As a matter of fact, as a college student - studying film & acting, as well as developing Photoshop & Video Editing chops - Curtis in many ways picks up where I left off, which is probably why he connected so much with the Beast-side music videos, and was such an avid promoter of them as “MC HypeBeast”. You can reach [email protected] (or the permanent [email protected]).

Your smalltown dreamer, (Master) Cerulean (Born Eastleigh)

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