Jordan O - 'Family Portrait' EP Review 🎡 #NewMusic #IndieArtist #HipHop

Jordan’s a fellow rap/singer-songwriter on the SAFO Music Group Solo Artist MAS Records program this year. He already stands out: he recently played a rare live gig in London πŸ‘, and in our first songwriting session he wrote & performed quite an impressive track with another artist. Now he’s just dropped this debut EP across streaming: (e.g. Apple Music).

One-line Take

Had to much of your fam this lockdown year? Jordan O hasn’t. He paints a beautiful sonic painting with tight bars and gorgeous melodies about his closest ties.

Stand-out tracks:

6- ‘Red Eyes’

Man it’s a shame you didn’t add lyrics on this. Soo good, so confessional, reminds me of a Kendrick Lamar self-analytical track, e.g. ‘Instituionalised’, ‘luv’. I vibe with using songwriting as therapy, though I’d always advocate real therapy too. Also, neat A$AP Rocky style deep voice. Curious what button to twist on a DAW to acheive that on a vocal?

1- ‘Family Portrait’

It appears that this is a concept album where each song is directed toward the numbered person in the artwork. It seems to me that the numbering actually starts after this title track, because to me this one seems universal, both to Jordan’s whole fam, but also a track I and others could apply to our own families. Such a gorgeous comparison between a family and music.

Other Tracks

2- ‘One and Only’

Compare: ‘Never Went to Church’ by The Streets

Pretty sure this is about Dad, which makes me think the artwork number 1 refers to this, and number 2 refers to:

3- ‘The Colour in Your Eyes’

Compare: ‘Hey Mama’ by Kanye West

4- ‘I Got You’

Compare Chorus: ‘Folklore’ LP by Taylor Swift

5- ‘Brother’

Compare: ‘Brothers’ by Morrison


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