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So much great promise: features competitive with Bitly (less so Rebrandly) Basic paid tier… and it’s free.

It’s ad-funded… but presumably not enough, because the founder Patryk doesn’t seem to have the incentive to make necessary product improvements. I’m talking:

  • Changing root & 404 redirect for custom domains.
  • free namespace for each custom domain’s alias
  • ability to change the destination of a branded link

On 4 separate occasions over the past 6 months he’s promised features by a date over email and not delivered, so here is his 2* review as promised.

If this is an indie web product, he should go for a transparent low cost payment model (like and actually deliver on features.


Edit (Oct 13th): Hacking some of those features:

Changing Root Domain: Host your domain with Cloudflare, and use a Forwarding URL Page Rule on the root domain. Thanks to a decade-old blog post for the recommendation.

Change destination of a branded link: You change the url alias / name of the original link: and then the original branded link is available to be directed towards the new destination in a whole new link.

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