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This Music Video is based on true events:

When I got back from the US, my Mum kindly got me second insured on the family car, and we used it for the early MC Beastly shoots.

We decided this whip deserved a whole video of its own, but my (ever frugal) Mum decided to switch car insurance to an ultra-bduget option which didn’t insure young skallywags like me.. halfway through our filming dates.

I don’t blame her: at least she’s got money to save. As Jon Stewart said “creativity comes from limitations not freedom”. We got creative. And I’ve been riding BlueStar Buses ever since.

In all seriousness, my financials could be in better shape, so if you’d like to support me making these videos, then other than hitting Subscribe on YouTube to help me get to (1k subs) monetization level, you could do the following:

  • Purchase a SpitFire Mask at MCBeastly.com
  • Chuck me a small donation on Cash.app/£erulean (you’ll see it linked from MC Beastly’s swanky new Spotify profile)

Master Cerulean (Born Eastleigh)

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