Anyone who lived in #Illinois #Chicago recently: claim $200+ from #Facebook

Turns out there IS a reason to use terrible #SurveillanceCapitallism apps… they often #payout in #classaction suits down the line when society finally realises how terrible they are. Following my Google+ claim, I’ve now come across a similar one for Facebook: though it’s geographically specific to having lived in #Illinois for 6 months+. Seems legit (Tribune report), not having https suggests it’s actually made by genuine lawyers rather than tech savvy hackers ha! Otherwise, as long as you posted 1 profile picture or were tagged in 1 pic, you’ll be good, because the ‘bookies already done some Frankenstein-style stuff using #facerec tech.

What’s amusing about this for me, is that I specifically got myself a new bookie profile when I moved to the Chi, and posted a profile picture to promote my parody Facebook profile. It formed part of my “This is what my face looks like” personal project, to take the mickey of… face rec tech. You couldn’t make this up. I thought it was a voluntary art project, but apparently the bookie are gonna bankroll me to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

Thanks Mark!

Friends from Chicago: have a go and let me know you’re results by linking back to this post in a future socials post!! Deadline Nov 23rd.

P.S. time to go power use every single TikTok feature..

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