I gave up my Smartphone for One Week each Month for a year

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How do I smartphone detox?

Inspired by First Week Flip Phone, I pitched Team Smartphone Detox (under the leadership of the energy ball Abe Pandit) to the Social New Venture Challenge. I’m proud that we are the first team treating Digital Addiction as an urgent social problem which needs to be tackled, and we are excited to be playing our part in moving the Digital Wellness conversation forward through action.

Young people are increasingly self-identifying as addicted to their smartphone. Smartphone Detox is a cold turkey approach. For substance addictions, that is unwise because of the physiological dependencies you carry. But for this behavioral addiction, this extreme approach is both possible and yields great results. One of the folks who took this challenge, said “this changes your life”. It’s changed my life 12 times in a row. I hope it might help yours too. Go to FirstWeekFlipPhone.com to get involved.

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